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Alumni Interview

Silvia Tamellini

"SDG Alumni is a great chance for being aware of what’s happening outside as well as keeping in touch with other professionals who work in different industries."

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Alumni Interview

Guido Zamperini

"Being part of SDG Alumni means being part of our extended network, always at the cutting edge of technology, always up to date with new mainstream solutions."

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Advanced Analytics: from AI to Z

An executive guide for today’s leaders looking for business insights Advanced Analytics is a comprehensive set of analytical techniques and methods such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Continuous Intelligence. They enable better predictive analysis, provide information on changes as they occur, giving companies a broader vision that allows them to develop responses […]


2021 Data Analytics Trends: from the Cloud to Quantum AI

Given trends which are a must and require action now. The Cloud. Quickly spinning up analytics servers, clusters and environments at optimal performance levels in the Cloud is an essential driver. DataOps, Metadata & Data Governance. Consistency and agility in processes to allow the business to focus on decision-making and be in a far better […]