2021 Data Analytics Trends: from the Cloud to Quantum AI

November 22, 2021

Given trends which are a must and require action now.

The Cloud. Quickly spinning up analytics servers, clusters and environments at optimal performance levels in the Cloud is an essential driver.

DataOps, Metadata & Data Governance. Consistency and agility in processes to allow the business to focus on decision-making and be in a far better position to evolve.

End-to-End Advanced Analytics. Advanced Analytics optimizing and connecting every stage of the Data Value Chain: Collection, Processing, Analytics, and Actioning Insight.

Data Ethics. Every company needs a  framework: a code of behavior for what is right and wrong related to Data Handling, Algorithms, Corresponding Practices.

Trends on the rise which will have a significant impact.

Self-Service 2.0. Companies will use technologies that leverage Natural Language Processing and AI to query their entire data warehouse and instantaneously generate analytics that answers their questions. 

Best-of-breed. In the service architecture, companies purchase individual components from software providers as services instead of investing in entire software platforms. 

X Analytics. It is all about utilizing all available data, no matter where or in what format the data resides.

Graph Analytics. Increasing in popularity because of its ability to easily incorporate new data sources and mine new relations among data sets with ease, enhancing Machine Learning and AI.

Continuous intelligence & 5G. The former is a marriage of Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics, and on top of that, the latter brings better performance, speed, and stability.

Slow shift-trends which are starting to surface.

Quantum AI. The power of Quantum Computing could accelerate algorithms to finally unlock the true potential of AI.